International students travel with Araucaria Ecotours

International students travel with Araucaria Ecotours

Students gather at an oddly-shaped tea-treeLast week Darren and I  had fun taking a group of International Students Ambassadors (through Brisbane Marketing) on a day-tour last week, showing them a couple of places we visit on our 3-day Wildlife Overview tours and  our Tamborine Mountain day- tour.

Students aged from early twenties to mid-thirties, and from places as diverse as Bangladesh, Singapore, Mexico, China, Sri Lanka, France, Ecuador, India and Indonesia joined us for the day.

We started with a gentle bush-walk at Daisy Hill, through eucalypt and tea-tree forests, seeing a wild red-necked wallaby and finding scratch-marks of koalas but no wild koalas that day.

Two sleepy koalas awaited us in the Daisy Hill Koala Visitor Centre, and one managed to lift his head and look at everyone for perhaps a minute or two.

sleepy koala faces crowd

A walk to a waterfall was next on the agenda, followed by an excursion into the canopy at Skywalk on Tamborine Mountain, and a stroll through the tsall forest floor to giant trees and mountain streams.

Students on Skywalk

Clouds were darkening and a light sprinkle fell, so we abandoned our idea of a picnic in the national park and headed to the shelters of Jubilee Park in Beaudesert to feast on corn wraps filled with salad, Camembert, other cheeses, olives, avocado, hummus and other goodies.


Our final destination for the day was Kooralbyn, where we found another red-necked wallaby and plenty of  whiptail wallabies (below)  and eastern grey kangaroos.

whiptail wallabies

Darren and I were delighted to see it wasn’t just the kangaroos that were jumping …

students jumping



Some of their comments and photos can be seen on the Araucaria Facbook


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  1. Hi Ronda & Darren,

    Thanks very much for having us that day. We had a lot of fun. It was educational, meaningful, enriching and fulfilling to discover nature with the both of you.

    Best Regards,
    Ming En, Leong
    Brisbane International Student Ambassador (Singapore)
    President, Griffith University Nathan Singapore Students Association

  2. Guillaume says:

    Thank you so much to Araucaria Ecotours for the day trip! It was fantastic! I had a great day and the guides were knowledgeable and friendly.

    Aracaria Ecotours is a must to do for nature lovers.

  3. Nimal says:

    It was one of the best days I’ve spent in Brisbane. Being a nature lover, this is exactly what I like spending my time, and you guys made the day even special.

  4. Vivian says:

    Thank you so much for providing us such wonderful trip,Ronda and Darren!!! You are awesome!!!This activity must definitely be one of my favorite activities as Brisbane International Student Ambassador in Brisbane Marketing for two years. Ronda, I will never forget the ginger leaf that you taught me to recognise; the tasty cookies and drinks for morning tea; delicious cheese for picnic and of course, our lovely wild kangas. They were all my first experiences for those things. Darren, thank you so much for wild survival advice when my face was so close to the thorny citronella (I did not notice actually ^^). Thank you so much for making me so relax and enjoyable after my extremely nervous assignments’ week. Keep in touch and hope to see you soon in the future~^^

  5. Badiul says:

    It was one of the excellent trips in my Brisbane life. I wish I could go for another such trip. I recommend everyone to go for ego-trips. Thank you Ronda & Darren for your cordiality and make as aware about Australia’s wildlife, exploring forests, coasts & outback. Thank you very much….Badiul

  6. Mariana Walther says:

    Hi Ronda and Darren, thank you so much for an incredible day! I had an amazing time and this tour went over my expectations….I can’t believe how many kangaroos we saw :) and I had never seen a baby kangaroo in its mothers pouch! It was lovely! I loved the walk through the forest and I would definitely recommend this trip to everyone, and I would of course do it again. The food was delicious!!! thank you!
    Cheers! Viva Araucaria Tours!!!

  7. Ronda says:

    Thanks for all your nice comments. Darren and I also enjoyed your company that day and would love to see you all again some time

  8. Heyyy… thank you for Ronda and Darren for the excellent trip!!! what a great day.. I have never seen a house surrounded by kangas before!!! love it!!hope there will be next eco tour :)

  9. Patricia says:

    Thank you Ronda and Darren for a wonderful and unforgetable day.
    Brisbane Ambassador from Ecuador (South America)

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